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  • July 23, 2020 4 min read

    Every year a new hot product enters the market that you feel you must-have.  This year the massage gun is that hot product.  So today I am writing an article on massage guns NZ to cover as many points as I can on the benefits and the negatives of this new massage tool.

    Massage Guns NZ

    This is what I will cover in this post:

    • What is a massage gun? 
    • How does it work?
    • What is percussion therapy?
    • What are the claimed benefits of a massage gun?
    • What are the negatives of a massage gun
    • Do they work?
    • When should I not use a massage gun?
    • What do they cost?
    • Are they worth it?
    • Where can I buy one?

    What is a massage gun?

    massage guns nz

    First, let's start with what a massage gun actually is.  A massage gun is an electronic massage tool that is handheld and administers a rapid burst of pressure onto the subject via a soft-headed attachment in an oscillating motion back and forwards.  It's shaped like a gun hence the name and is normally wireless and rechargeable making it portable.  It can be used by yourself or administered by someone if you are wanting parts of your body done like the back. 

    How does it work?

    A massage gun provides a massage known as percussive or vibration therapy.  The device has an internal motor that powers the attachment.  Different attachments for different areas and pressure.  

    What is percussion therapy?

    Percussion therapy is the practice of using targeted bursts of concentrated pressure onto your body's muscles.  It's much like a soft tissue massage that therapists use where they administer repetitive thumping blows and attempt to stimulate muscles. 

    massage gun nz

    What are the claimed benefits of a massage gun?

    Below is a list of claimed benefits of a massage gun.  Note this is not my personal opinion but has been claimed in many different articles.  For a further breakdown please follow this external link.

    • Sports Performance, Injury Prevention, and Recovery. ...
    • Advanced Vibrational Healing & Powerful Pain Relief. ...
    • Rehabilitation
    • Release Lactic Acid
    • Increases Blood and Lymphatic Flow
    • Activates the Nervous System and Muscles
    • Relieves Muscle Spasms and Stiffness
    • Breaks up Scar Tissue

    What are the negatives of a massage gun?

    • The cost can be negative with massage guns retailing from $800
    • The powerful hammering can damage your muscles from too much use
    • Not as relaxing as having professional work on you
    • Muscles get sore for a reason and this can be to limit your use of them so they recover naturally.  Overriding this natural state can lead to long term damage. 

    Do they work?

    The million-dollar question. Well, not that much but if you are reading this then it's safe to assume that it's the question you want to be answered more than anything.  There are many articles online that state that yes they do work.  The below video we found from a professional massage therapist seems to offer a balanced opinion on their benefits and is well worth watching.


    When should I not use a massage gun?

    • Muscle strains - Pulled muscles need time to heal and this should be done slowly and carefully.
    • Sprains - A torn ligament is no match for a massage guns power so, please avoid in this case.
    • Inflammation related injuries - Including, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Fasciitis, Periostitis
    • Broken Bones - Goes without saying but just in case.  Please don't use the gun on any broken bones.
    • Chronic conditions - Including, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Severe varicose veins, conditions that affect blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, deep vein thrombosis or arteriosclerosis, Osteoporosis (bone degeneration), Muscular dystrophy or other muscle disorders, Autoimmune conditions such as lupus, scleroderma, and multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or gout 

    What do they cost?

    The prices vary wildly from $600 to $100 but the average price seems to be between $150 - $350.  Any lower than this and you run the risk of a machine the can break or be of low quality. 

    Are they worth it?

    Well, this depends on many factors but if you look at the cost of a massage therapist which can be from $60-$100 an hour at least once a week then having the ability to self administer a massage to a targeted area of pain can be very beneficial.  Another benefit is the availability at any time of the day that you want to administer the massage.  Obviously a massage therapist is the better option but they need to be booked in advance and you will need to drive to the location.  If you have any form of long term pain, exercise regularly then they definitely seem a worthwhile investment.    

    Where can I buy one?

    There are many places to buy massage guns from including TradeMe, many overseas websites, and NZ based sites.  However, after extensive research, we have found our Samson Cordless Rechargeable Massage Gun to be perfect from a quality and price perspective.  You have the added benefit of buying from a NZ based retailer.  

    Conclusion:  We hope this article massage guns NZ has been balanced and given you a better understanding of the massage guns product.

    >>To view our massage gun collection please click here

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