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  • May 02, 2022 4 min read

    If you've been looking around for an all in one car seat that will see your little one from birth right through to 10 years old! Then the Nuna Exec NZ is for you.

    With Nuna you can be guaranteed safety, quality design, functionality and of course it looks amazing. When I think of the Exec, first class travel comes to mind.

    Granite Nuna Exec

    What age can you start using the Nuna Exec?

    The great thing about convertible car seats is you only need to buy one. You can start using the Nuna Exec from birth right up to approx 10 years old. The Nuna Exec has been designed for children 5 to 120lbs (2.268kg to 54kg) and whose height is less that 57". Using the included Infant insert, this creates the perfect, safe and comfortable seat for your tiny newborn. The insert can be used up to 11lbs (5kg) then you can remove it. The head insert can be removed at anytime, depending on comfort.

    How long can my child rear face in the Nuna Exec?

    It is recommend to rear face your child for 2 years. The nuna Exec allows you to rear face your child for longer, keeping them even safer. Always follow the weight and height guidelines but most two year olds would sit inside these measurements. 5lbs to 22kgs

    Is it dangerous or uncomfortable for my child's legs to be touching the back of the vehicle when rear facing?

    Though it may seem uncomfortable to you, children are more flexible than adults. Children will find different leg positions to make themselves comfortable, from crisscross, to putting their legs straight, to hanging them over the sides of the car seat. These are all acceptable riding positions.

    There is no data that shows when a child's feet or legs reach the vehicle seat that they are at an increased risk for lower-extremity injuries. It is much more important to protect the head, neck and spine during a crash - which is what riding rear facing does.

    How old can my child forward face in the Nuna Exec using the harness?

    Children can safely be turned around to forward face when they reach 25lbs (11kg) or at least 2 years of age. Then they can safely stay in the forward position using the harness until they reach around 29kg.

    What is the difference between installing with the Vehicle Seat Belt vs LATCH (Lower Anchor Belt)

    Both methods are acceptable and safe to do. They both pass all of the safety tests. The vehicle Seat Belt method can hold a higher weight limit than the Vehicle lower Anchorage system. 

    Rear-Facing: Do not use the Lower Anchors (LATCH system) for a child weighing more than 35 lbs. (15.8 kg)

    Forward Facing: Do not use the Lower Anchors (LATCH system) for a child weighing more than 40 lbs. (18.1 kg)

    Do I need a locking clip?

    The EXEC™ True Tension door applies tension to the vehicle seat belt. The EXEC™ must always be used with a locking vehicle belt system, to ensure a secure installation in every vehicle. To be sure your car is equipped with a locking vehicle belt or locking latch plate, consult your vehicle owner's manual. If your car does not have a locking vehicle belt or locking latch plate, we can also provide you with a locking clip.

    How many Nuna Execs can I fit in the back seat?

    All cars vary in size but in general, you can fit three Nuna Execs in the back seat of a good sized vehicle. Great if you have a newborn, toddler and primary aged child. Everyone gets to be safely harnessed in. 

    Do I need to use a seat protector under my Nuna Exec?

    The Nuna Exec has been designed with a rounded smooth seat back and bottom. It is not recommend to put anything underneath the Nuna Exec that has not been authorised by Nuna.

    Is the Nuna Exec easy to keep clean?

    Yes. You can wipe plastic, vinyl and metal parts with a damp cloth. You can remove the seat fabric and machine wash on a gentle wash on a delicate cycle using cold water only. Using a mild detergent and then air dry immediately. Do not tumble dry.

    The harness system should be cleaned with mild soap and water and allowed to air dry. Do not attempt to remove the harness system. Wipe the outside of the buckle with a damp cloth. Do not lubricate the buckle or immerse in water. The seats are warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

    Does my EXEC™ have an expiration date?

    Yes. The expiration date or useful life of the EXEC™ is 10 years after the date of purchase. If you are unsure of the date of purchase you can also use the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture information can be found on the bottom of your car seat. The date starts when you open the box.

    Is it really worth the expensive price tag?

    It can seem quite expensive but if you spread the cost out over 10 years of usage its very cost effective. You don't need to spend the money on a capsule which only gets used for 6-8 months (weight depending) or a booster seat.

    With easy recline system, you can adjust the level you want for your child as they grow. Watch this great video to see how easy it is. 

     Link here to view the Nuna Exec Granite and Nuna Exec Caviar

    Here at Godzown, we're always on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. It's important to choose the right car seat for you and your family.

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