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  • September 05, 2018 3 min read

    It's officially Spring 2018. Blossoms are blooming, baby lambs are coming into the world and its that time of year again to Spring Clean your life. If you are like me who loves to clean and organise it can be lots of fun. Otherwise, the trick is to write a list of what you want to achieve and work through it.

    1. Declutter your home

    Decluttering is very therapeutic. The more organised your house is the clearer your life will feel. Start in the bathroom (the easiest room to declutter). Throw out any makeup, creams, shampoos, empty toothpaste that are sitting in your cupboard that you know you'll never use again. Kids toys that they have outgrown can be donated to charity shops. Towels that have seen better days can be cut up and used as cleaning rags or donated to charity shops. Be ruthless.

    2. Spring Clean your house

    This is a great time to not just clean your house but do things that you put to the back of your mind but really need to be done. Like cleaning the windows (inside and out) flipping mattresses and cleaning carpets and rugs. A good steam mop that can clean hardwood floors, as well as carpets, is a must buy item. The weather has warmed up and feels fresher so get those windows open and breath in the fresh air. Clean the BBQ and wash down the deck ready for some warmer weather.

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    3. Organise your pantry

    This is the best thing to do, not just once a year of course but it is a good idea to really get stuck into it if you are a bit of a hoarder or impulse food buyer. Start by taking everything out of the pantry and giving it a good clean out with a natural spray. I like to use one made of part water, vinegar and baking soda since my food is going to come in contact with it. Then get some sealable containers, glass jars and label them. Check all used by dates and get rid of anything that has been sitting there for too long. Organise your food into baking supplies, tinned produce etc. Make your life easier.

    4. Organise your wardrobe

    This is actually the easiest and best one to do as you can become stuck in a rut with your wardrobe, wearing the same styles, colours without knowing it. Firstly get a couple of boxes and label them throw, keep, donate and store. Anything you have not worn in over a year it's very likely you will never wear it again. If its old or damaged throw it away (even if it has sentimental memories). Donate any items you bought on a whim that you actually don't like and will never wear to a charity shop. Someone will appreciate that hot pink polka dot shirt. Invest in good wooden hangers and line your clothes up so it's easy to view them, especially shirts. Any seasonal items like thick warm winter jumpers pack them away for next year.

    5. Clean out your social media accounts

    Just like in life we need to keep our social media healthy and fresh. If you have people on your Facebook friends list who only post negative comments, memes or offer you nothing to enhance your life it may be time to either unfriend them or hide them from your page. Surround your self with positive people in real life and in your social network. No one needs a troll.

    6. Refresh your diet

    Spring is a great time to start getting healthy and fit for Summer especially if you've been hibernating in the cooler winter months. Try and eat what is in season and if possible go organic as much as possible. Incorporate as many fresh fruits and vegetables and cut out refined sugars and alcohol.

    Afterall you are what you eat. 

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