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November 01, 2019 4 min read

Congratulations, you are now into your second trimester. The first 12 weeks seem like the longest especially if you have had bad morning sickness and haven’t told anyone about your pregnancy. The second trimester from 13 to 26 weeks is the most enjoyable for most. You can start to enjoy your growing and changing body plus you get to shop for all things baby. 

Second Trimester NZ 2021: The Essential NZ Pregnancy Guide for Kiwi Mums in Their Second Trimester

  1. If in paid employment tell your employer you are pregnant - this is important so they can manage your workload and ensure your overall safety while at work.  They may also want to know your plan for how long you want off when you want to finish up. Don’t be pressured into telling them straight away but it may be helpful to have this info on hand.  Most women finish up in week 34-38
  2. Consider how long you want off work - In NZ you are entitled to 22 weeks of paid leave ($585.80 each week before tax).  Or 26 weeks after 1st July 2020. If you have worked for your current employer for more than 12 months you may take 12 months of extended leave and your job needs to be kept open for you.  
  3. Find a prenatal exercise class like yoga
  4. Learn about second-trimester prenatal visits and tests
  5. Start shopping for maternity clothes
  6. Decide whether to hire a professional labour coach (doula). Decide who will be at the birth and let them know.
  7. Plan some adult time, babymoon - note you are not supposed to fly after 30 weeks so factor this in.  
  8. Start moisturizing your belly with Bio-oil, a great way to avoid stretch marks
  9. Narrow your baby names list - don’t tell anyone your choices, some may copy you or tell you they don’t like the name also think about how the name will be shortened as in a nickname and consider if you still like the name.
  10. Decide whether you'll find out the sex of your baby
  11. Jot down your crazy pregnancy dreams, these are normal and can be fun to look back on
  12. Look into childbirth classes
  13. Do some financial planning - depending on your situation this can be a shock if you may lose an income.
  14. Prepare your older children
  15. Prepare your pets
  16. Start your childcare search
  17. Get your teeth cleaned and checked.  If you need work done this trimester is easier than the third when lying down may be uncomfortable.
  18. Start sleeping on your side preferably your left - sleeping on your back during second and third trimesters can harm you by placing pressure on the back from the uterus and baby and reduce circulation
  19. Start doing Kegel exercises, pelvic floor
  20. Think about a baby shower and look to create a baby registry - this can be a task you leave up to your best friends as it can involve them and also take the planning pressure off you.  The best time is between 28-35 weeks. Don’t leave it too late as a prem baby can mean you miss out!
  21. Buy a maternity bra - Bonds are a good safe option
  22. Think about buying a car seat 
  23. Consider a babymoon - If this is your first child it can be a really good option for you and your partner.  Nice time to talk about the next stage of your lives. Ideally, just a short flight or car ride away and don’t make it too adventurous eg going to Asian countries may be risky with their broad range of food practices and the possibility of getting food poisoning. 
  24. Avoid unsafe activities that involve heavy lifting - note take your doctors advice on this but in general err on the side of caution.
  25. Start looking at nursery furniture Do your research and look to buy quality items that will last multiple children and also have a good resale value.  This may be a good time to see if your mum or mother in law may want to assist with a gift. Don’t be afraid to ask directly or drop hints.  They will be happy to help and may have not even thought of it.
  26. Tackle your home improvement projects - you will not have the time for this when you have a baby and using power tools with a sleeping baby will be a no-no.  I wouldn’t advise major home renovations at this stage as the last thing you need is more stress or unfinished projects.
  27. Dedicate time to your partner - this should be a mutual thing but make sure to schedule some dinners and date nights even getting in a movie as movies are the one thing you will really miss when you have a baby.
  28. Eat healthily - goes without saying but you are what you eat and your baby eats what you eat.  So a tub of ice cream once in a while is fine but not all the time. Weight loss after a baby is also a stressful thing you don’t need to be thinking about.
  29. Buy your nappy bag.

Items You Need To Consider Buying - If you buy these all at once it can be a financial strain so getting some of the bigger things now can take some financial pressure off in the last trimester:

  1. Nappy Bag
  2. Cot
  3. Car Seat
  4. Stroller
  5. Maternity Bra
  6. Change Table
  7. Feeding Chair
  8. Baby Carrier
  9. Baby Bath
  10. Portacot 

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Please also feel free to comment below with additional suggestions that you wished you had known or think others will find useful.